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Coast to Coast

Providing the Finest Leather and Vinyl for your Products

Coast to Coast Leather & Vinyl™, in business since 1994, is an American company committed to providing a vast array of quality products for automobiles and luxury motor coaches, commercial aircraft, and marine; as well as the residential, hospitality, office furniture, architecture, and design industry.

Our products are used to make seat covers for cars, furniture, aircraft seating, and boast interiors and exteriors. Our customers sew and create these products to the end user, who will receive the finest quality materials to meet their needs.

With strategically placed locations across the country, our products are shipped from the most economical and convenient location to our customers. We provide competitive pricing, excellent customer service and a “Satisfaction Guaranteed” commitment to our clients.

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The Tannery

Our European leather hides are manufactured with the most advanced level of technology while strictly complying to environmental requirements along with safety regulations. Our tannery is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Will a Piece Cost by the Inch?

$1.33 x Cut Piece Price = $x.xx

Can I Purchase a ½ Yard?

We offer cut yardage by the full yard only.

How much Leather do I Need
When the Pattern Calls for Yardage?

The industry wide formula for converting fabric yardage to leather square footage is one linear yard of 54" wide fabric equal 18 square feet of leather, based on hides averaging 48-52 sq ft. Leather is a natural material and each hide is unique, these dimensions represent average hide sizes and shapes.

Our Green Initiative

Our Commitment to Build a Better World Through Leadership.

Coast to Coast Leather® is committed to build a better world and provide a safe and environmentally-friendly workplace for its employees through leadership in all of its business practices.

“Our future generations will inherit this world, and with it, our practices. We consider this legacy to be one of our most important responsibilities” Said Michael Ross, President of Coast to Coast Leather & Vinyl™.

Earlier this year, the company formed the Sustainability Steering Committee; a group involving each location’s team leaders, created to take a comprehensive approach on environmental management. “Understanding the environmental impact of all our processes involves all aspects of our business and every employee in our organization. We are committed to a continuous improvement and a meaningful, diligent pursuit of environmental stewardship” Ross added.

On behalf of future generations, Coast to Coast Leather & Vinyl commits to be a good steward of the environment through sustainable business practices that help preserve The Earth’s resources.

Our Environmental Goals:

Community Involvement
Action (CIA) Team

Established in 2004, this team of our employees is dedicated to making our community a better place to live and to helping those who need it most. In addition to our annual programs, this team selects various charitable events to participate in throughout the year. The following is a list of some of the programs we support:

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