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Throughout the years, Coast to Coast has been a leader in the Aircraft Upholstery business, providing our customers with high quality, fire resistant aircraft leather and vinyl.



Coast to Coast Leather & Vinyl has high grade sheepskin. An average hide is 9 sq. ft. What makes sheepskin so popular?  Sheepskin material is cooler in the Summer months and warmer in the Winter. Each hide is treated with FAA 25.853, a 12 second vertical burn. We have over 17 colors available. Sheepskin gives you a more comfortable ride for long journeys.

Selection & Availability

A selection of popular colors is available in stock and ready to ship, but our entire line of Automotive Leather is also available as it qualifies for treatment. Lead times on these colors range from 3 to 5 days due to treatment and certification.

As always, custom colors are also available, but their lead time will vary depending of specifications.


*Aircraft Treated


Standards & Certification

Our products meet all FAA requirements for the 12 and 60-second flammability standards, in compliance to Federal Aviation Regulation 25.853, Appendix F, Part 1, (a) (1) (I and II)

A Burn Test Certificate is issued with every order to guarantee that all requirements are met.

As always, custom colors are also available, but their lead time will vary depending on specifications.

Over 62 Colors Available!


Our Aircraft Leather Specifications

  • Aircraft Leather Specifications

Thickness: ASTM D1813   1.0 – 1.2 mm
Weight: ASTM D3778 2.5 oz/sq ft
Size: 52 sq ft in average.
Abrasion: ASTM D3884 (Taber 5130)  Weight: 550 g   Wheels: H-18  Cycles: 300
Color Crock: AATCC-8 AATCC Rating (Crockmeter CM-5) Weight: 4 lbs  Wet/Dry Rub: 10 Cycles, 4 Minimum
Flammability: The material will meet all requirements of either a 12 or 60 second vertical burn in accordance with the FAR 25.853. 20,000 Cycles 300 Hours 4 Minimum
Flex: ASTM D2097  D65 Daylight with UV
Lighfastness: AATCC Rating SAE 11885 CWF (Cool White Fluorescent) A Tungsten Light
Light Compatibility: (Data Color) 0-30C/1 Hour
Cold Crack: ASTM D1912

Any Purpose, Any Application

Coast to Coast has it all!

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We have made every effort to display the products appearing on this web site as accurately as possible. However, the actual colors and tones you see will depend on your monitor and system settings, therefore, we cannot guarantee them to be 100% accurate. We strongly recommend that you request a sample cutting before making a final selection.