Hair-on Hides

Couture Hair-on Hide Collection

Hair-on hides have a wide variety of applications. They look impressive as wall-hanging decorations but can be used for furniture upholstery, rugs, handbag accessories, among many others.

Coast to Coast Leather offers three different types of Hair-on hides:

Natural Steer Hides:
These hides preserve its natural steer appearance and are sold by the hide, with an average size of 50 sq ft.

The color of these natural skins will vary from hide to hide as no two hides are exactly alike.

Stenciled Steer Hides:
Sold by the hide and with an average size of 50 sq ft., these beautiful steer hides feature a stenciled depiction of the distinctive patterns of tigers, zebras, and other exotic animals.

Specialty Laser-cut Steer Hides:
These specialty hides feature intricate laser-cut patterns. They also offer a variety of metallic finishes and bold colors. Specialty Laser hides are available in half-hides.

  • Natural
  • Stenciled
  • Specialty Laser-Cut



Specialty Laser-Cut

Any Purpose, Any Application

Coast to Coast has it all!

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We have made every effort to display the products appearing on this web site as accurately as possible. However, the actual colors and tones you see will depend on your monitor and system settings, therefore, we cannot guarantee them to be 100% accurate. We strongly recommend that you request a sample cutting before making a final selection.